Pest Control Services

We have a team to providing all kinds of pest control services in whole Bangladesh. We are offer very comparative cost and provide better then best services. We have been applying very ultimate treatment theory to execute our pest control services. Our Entomologist have been discovering very ultimate formulas to pest control treatment and we have huge success story in this field.

Cockroach Control Service

Cockroaches are among the many most famous vermin in numerous properties and extraordinary constructions. In the course of the night they search out nourishment in kitchens, sustenance stockpiling areas, waste receptacles, channels and sewers. They are bugs as a result of their dirty propensities and awful stench. A number of members would get to be inclined to cockroaches after continuous presentation. Cockroaches can in some circumstances count on a part as bearers of intestinal infections, for instance, loose bowels, looseness of the bowels, typhoid fever and cholera. (Source : WHO). We provide 03 Months to 6 Months Guarantee per service.

Rodent Control Service

Rat spread more than 35 Diseases. These can likewise be spread to people straight, by means of managing of rodents, by method for contact with rat dung, pee, or spit, or by means of rat chomps. Ailments conveyed by method for rodents will likewise be develop to individuals by implication, through ticks, parasites or insects which have encouraged on a sullied rat. The crucial method for anticipating human attention to rat infections is solid rat control in and over the house. This is completed with the guide of getting rid of any nourishment sources, fixing even the littlest sections into homes, and effectively catching rodents in and over the house.(Source: CDC)

Termite Control Service

Termites are likely the most harming bug nuisances of timber in the united states, perpetrating more prominent than $2 billion in damage every single yr. Yearly, this is additional property mischief than that accelerated by method for hearth and windstorms consolidated. Inside of the run of the mill world, these bugs are valuable considering the way that they ruin down dormant trees and diverse wood substances that will generally aggregate. This biomass breakdown is reused to the dirt as humus. Termites eat timber and distinctive cellulose items, reminiscent of paper, cardboard, and fiberboard. They will likewise crush basic timbers, beds, cartons, furniture, and diverse wooden stock. (Source: CDC)

Bed Bug Control Service

Bed Bugs are chestnut and level hematophagous bugs. The two cosmopolite species, Cimex lectularius and Cimex hemipterus, eat individuals and/or local creatures, and late episodes were accounted for in occidental countries. Site examination for kissing bug destruction is mind boggling yet can likewise be ensured, paying little respect to rising bug spray resistance, by method for procuring a bug oversee supervisor.We depict 45 applicant pathogens presumably transmitted with the guide of blood suckers, with regards to their vectorial ability, in the wild, and vectorial capability, inside of the lab. In perspective that of expanding requests for skill about powerful oversee methodologies and open prosperity threats of kissing bugs, continued exploration is expected to recognize new pathogens in wild Cimex species (spp) and bug spray resistance. (Source: CDC)

Ants Control Service

Ants are very injurious insect in our common life. Ant bites are very harmful and some kinds of ante are very destructive like carpenter ants , Pharaoh ants, Oriental ants etc. Also some ants carry germs of diseases also. Ants can leak your properties structure and it can destroy your foods and properties. 1 Stop Solution Pest Control Services treatments are very effective to controlling ants. We use multiple theories to controlling them such as: Sticky glue Bord, Pesticides spraying, Aerosol Spraying, etc. Basically We find the nest of ants and apply our treatment here. So that it will very effective. And also our cost is very competitive and fast providing service. We have a big team of Pest control services worker or technician technician.

So when you see the ants infestation just call us quickly. Then you can go to take a relax and all headaches are us.

Container Fumigation

Bangladesh is a very export industrial country and Bangladesh earn a huge foreign currency from their export product. Maximum export product exported by sea and container is the most important vehicle in the export process. A container has to stay 3 days to 90 days in a sea sheep. And it can infested by harmful or destructive pest or insects. So that container fumigation is very important to safety of export products and carriers.

1 Stop solution offer 2 types of fumigation for container fumigation; 1 # Aluminum Phosphyde treatment and 2 # General spraying treatment. We provide 3 month guarantee and certificate of our services. And we have many well-known branded clients of this services. And we have 100 feedback about this services. So that if you have any inquiry about container fumigation service please call us or mail us.